Orange Cone Road (2020)

Dorothy faced with a parking fine joins Barry the Statue and Dizzy the Lizard on a journey to visit the Wonderful Wizard for BOP to see if he can help them.

Barry wants a bypass for Katikati, Dizzy wants a roundabout for Omokoroa and Dorothy wants her parking fine cancelled so she can continue with her journey.
They meet many colourful characters on the way in this family pantomime.

Orange Cone Road written by Francis Young, Di Logan and Julie Thomas. 
Directed by Julie Thomas

Production Photographs - Jo Bryant

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The Cones celebrate that their cone friends are alive.
From left  Ebb N Flow, (Nathan McKeown), Stop N Go (Declan Low), Flim N Flam (Luca Stove) and Morton Von Sphincter played by Kelvin Williis

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Barry the Statue played by Glen Balneaves meets Dorothy played by Jorja Mckeown
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Barry (Glen Balneaves) and Dorothy (Jorja McKeown)

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Lucretia Lockington Pinkpocket the Parking Warden and the cones:
Ebb N Flow (Nathan McKeown), Spic N Span (Gail Wallis), Flim N Flam (Luca Stove), and Stop N Go (Declan Low)
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The cones are shocked when Archie collapses.
From left Gail Wallis, Declan Low, Luca Stove and Nathan McKeown with Ron Thomas as Archie
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Gary Webspinner (the Wonderful Wizard of BOP) played by Francis Young

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Earl Antimacassar the Policeman played by Steve Raymond, Judy (Eryl Raymond) and Archie (Ron Thomas)
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Ruth Rumblestrip, the Wicked Witch of the Road, (Ruth Flynn), watches on while Jenny Hobknobs the Hairy Godmother (Robert Wyatt) leads Dorothy (Jorja McKeown) to the Wizard of BOP.
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Dizzy the Lizard from Omokoroa played by Louisa Miller
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Carol East as Miranda Manadarin the Ice Cream Seller
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Eryl Raymond as Judy
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Ruth Flynn as Ruth Rumblestrip the Wicked Witch of the Road