Life is Not What it Seems (2019)

Reader's Theatre has been called theatre of the imagination and is a creative way to present all kinds of literary texts. Settings, props and costumes are used to a limited degree requiring the audience to participate by using their imaginations. It then becomes a living experience for both audience and readers.

Four short stories were adapted for the stage by Cherie Baunton.

Under each photograph is the story title.

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'Charles' by Shirley Jackson
Bob Baunton, Carol East and Julie Thomas
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'The Third Wife' by Penelope Lively
Robert Wyatt and Louisa Miller

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'The Third Wife' by Penelope Lively
Francis Young
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'You Were Perfectly Fine' by Dorothy Parker
Kirsty Warden and Barry Magowan
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'Old As the Hills' by Penelope Lively
From left, Di Logan, Elisabeth Beamish and Dorothy Barker