Badjelly the Witch (2019)

Tim and Rose are looking for Lucy the Cow in the big , black forest when they are captured by Badjelly the Witch. Help! Will Binklebonk the Tree Goblin, Mudwiggle the Worm and Dinglemouse rescue them from Badjelly?

Adapted by Alannah O'Sullivan from the book by Spike Milligan

Directed by Diane Logan

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Lucy the Cow (Sandie Knowlson) and Rose (Stella Sukkel)

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Fluffybum (Zoe Clark), Rose (Stella Sukkel) and Tim (Mitchell Preston)

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Badjelly (Julie Thomas) and Dulboot (Barry Magowan)

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Appletree Policeman (John Logan) and Tim (Mitchell Preston)

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Binklebonk (Birgitte Anderson), Rose (Stella Sukkel) and Tim (Mitchell Preston)

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Dinglemouse played by Jennie McKeown

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Rose (Stella Sukkel), Dinglemouse (Jennie McKeown) and Tim (Mitchell Preston) in Badjelly's cage

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Julie Thomas as Badjelly

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Mudwiggle the Worm (Ron Thomas) leads Rose (Stella Sukkel) to safety across the river

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Kelvin Willis as the Weather station

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Jim the Eagle (Francis Young) leads Rose, Tim and Dinglemouse to safety

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Lucy the Cow, Rose, Tim, Dinglemouse, and Jim the Eagle watch on as Dulboot's trousers fall down.

All production photos by Jo Bryant