Well, what a year we have had for a theatre group that has no home!

Two performances of ‘Pub Plays’ at the Talisman restaurant in March, which proved to be such a success we have just finished two more evenings this month. The plan behind this idea was to try and introduce the stage to people who never been to a theatre as well as introducing us to a different audience, and from the feed-back we have received we appear to have succeeded.

Then in July we had another very successful season at Forta Leza restaurant with sell out performances.

Finally there was ‘Dr Joe’! What an amazing achievement that was. After five years of planning and research, our three authors, Francis Young, Di Logan, led by Julie Thomas, produced a script that, when performed by our great cast, reduced successive audiences to laughter and, on occasion, tears, and brought back many memories of a truly amazing man to those in Katikati who knew him.

As you can imagine a great deal of work went on behind the scenes to turn the various venues we used into suitable sites for the various shows and our back stage crews have worked some miracles at times!

Over the years we have bought or been gifted a large amount of equipment necessary for a theatre and the good news is that we now have two containers on a protected site for their storage. We are still looking for a site where we can erect Katikati’s very own theatre and hope that that, with help from the community, might not be too far in the future.

We are beginning to talk about next year and what sort of plays we will perform so more news in the New Year.

The committee thank all of you for your support this year and wish you a very happy Christmas and all the very best for 2016.