About Us

Katikati theatre was founded in 2010 with no funding, no home and no equipment. We still have no home but $27000 in the bank, some lighting and sound equipment, costumes and make-up and a data base of over 100 members.

With no base we are forced to improvise. We have performed in an empty shop, the museum café, Forta Leza restaurant, the primary school, St Peters Church and, last month, The Talisman Restaurant. And always to sell out seats. Performing at The Talisman was an experiment where have we performed two very short plays with virtually no stage or proper lighting but for each of the two performances seventy covers were sold with about about half as many patrons just buying a drink and standing to watch us.

Many members have had years of stage experience but we are also attracting new comers to the stage as well as young performers, one of whom, at the age of 16, is about to direct her first short play (with guidance from an experienced director). As well as performing published plays we have also performed plays written by our members about historical Katikati people and events. These have been extremely popular and have attracted much praise. Our writers have just completed a further play about a well-known local person which we plan to perform alongside this year’s Mural Festival.

In 2013 the theatre was the Supreme Winner for the Bay of Plenty by Trust Power Community Awards.

A membership form is available online here.